TPT 2015 Jury – Fons Hickmann (DE)

TPT 2015 jury member

Fons Hickmann M23 Berlin – official page

Fons Hickmann m23 is located in a leafy courtyard building in the middle of Berlin-Kreuzberg, at Mariannenplatz. Just a stone’s throw away is Bethanien, the subject of Rio Reiser’s Rauch-Haus-Song and a symbol of social change after 1968. Fons Hickmann is renowned around the world, and has had a strong influence on the international design scene for many years now. Its works appear at all the major design festivals – they have won multiple awards, and are collectors’ objects for museums.

The design studio focuses on the design of complex communication systems and is working mainly in the cultural field, arts institutions, publishers, and NGOs. Its clients normally seek out m23 to work especially with them.

The studio also participates in exhibitions. In 2011 it developed the object series “Hybrids” for the Curious Minds exhibition in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, followed by individual exhibitions in Teheran, Ljubljana.

In 2012 the Triennale Trnava honoured Fons Hickmann with the Master’s Eye Award for his work.

Currently its works are on display in New York, Moscow, Shanghai, and São Paulo. Fons Hickmann is also a university instructor. After seven years at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he now has a professorship at the University of the Arts in Berlin. These days he is devoting more time to publishing professional literature on photography, media theory, graphic design and football.