TPT 2012 Poster to Street & Stream

4 November 2012 – 10 November 2012
klUb 3, Koppel villa GJK, Zelený kríček 3, Trnava
Workshop focused on street art and streaming events for web, utilizing visual material from TPT 2012.

PTSAS logo

The Trnava Poster Triennial suffers from long term the lack of promotion of their actions and also does not have sufficient contact with the competitors from around the world.

We decided to set up a separate site and pages on social networks in 2012, and using the accompanying events to attract the interest of the media and the public to the poster fenomenon.

The creators of the poster are also creators in other media, and these worlds may inspire and complement each other. Using the workshop we would like to discover the possibility of other forms of penetration of the poster to the public in the form of streatart and mobile journalism.

Visual and textual data related to triennial (info texts, posters, elements of corporate identity, photos and videos taken during the preparation of TPT 2012, logos of partners, etc.) to give students an appreciation of the form streetart, happening, projections, the creative application of posters, etc. Students will have the opportunity to do interviews with interesting people. We would also like to publish the records of these events and the opening ceremony by video on demand and live streaming on the Internet (youtube, ustream, etc.).

Students will also participate in the other accompanying events, exhibitions, lectures, etc. openning ceremony. They will also document and display their own work within the exhibition Poster to Poster along with collections of posters from the workshops Rural poster and Typo Topo. The exhibition will be the accompanying event of the TPT 2012.

Organiser: Poster

Lecturers: Tomasz Bierkowski (POL), Bob Stránský (CZE), Marcel Benčík (SVK), Róbert Paršo (SVK)

Web: Poster to Street and Stream – Poster