TPT 2018

The international poster competitive exhibition held in Trnava was initiated by Jozef Dóka jr. Over the ten seasons, TPT has earned respect and become known also abroad. The competition attracts poster creators from all over the world, including significant personalities of graphic design.

The international professional jury carefully selects finalists, whose works of art are exhibited, reproduced in a catalogue and included into a collection of posters. In [A] Category – Professional, the top award is Grand Prix, which grants its holder the right to be a member of the international jury in the next season. In [B] Category – Student, the top award is the AFAD Rector’s Award. Every year the art council grants the Master‘s Eye Award to an internationally renowned graphic design personality.

In addition to the competition, we try to inspire and support graphic design workshops, discussions, conferences and exhibitions which are organised by our partners within the TPT+ programme.