TPT 2012 Audience prize

TPT 2012 Audience Prize

Civic association POSTER gave up its right to grant its own prize
and offers you the chance to vote in the competition for the Audience Prize.

Author, whose poster gets the most votes, becomes the winner of the Audience Prize.

Each voter will be included in the competition for the tours organized by Victory Tavel agency.

The competition takes place on the page from 12 November 2012 to 31 December 2012.

Competition is completed.

Prizes will be handed over to the author of the poster
and to one of the voting spectators on 6 March 2013
during PechaKucha Night vol. 7 in Kopplova vila
of the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava.


(link to pictures)

TPT Audience Award 2012 was awarded to:

47 votes – ASVKSTPE2BAR
Bardejovské potulky, Františkánsky kostol
Štalmach Peter

another in order, not awarded:

10 votes – AIRNFANA4WOM
Women and Modernism
Famil Dashti Najmeh

10 votes – CSVKBELU4SOS
Benková Ľudmila

9 votes – AJPNMAJI3CON
Construction; Human Power
Matsuda Jisuke

9 votes – AUSACATA1RIG
Right to education
Calderon Taber

9 votes – BCHNCASH1REF
Reflection of economy
Cao Sheng