TPT 2009 text: Tibor Mikuš

Ing. Tibor Mikuš

Chairman of the Trnava Self-governing Region

Source: Catalogue TPT 2009


The Trnava Poster Triennial

is undoubtedly one of the most significant specialized international graphic events. It surveys current trends in the world visual culture and supports creative artists, the quality of their creation, and the designer’s responsibility for the influence of the art piece on the spectator. The poster, as a tool of visual communication, became a recognized form of graphic production, thankfully also to this event.

Every three years the triennial raises questions oriented to contemporary poster graphics. It reflects the status and processes of its creation in the world, artistic, ideological tendencies and educates spectators to understand the contemporary poster. I am pleased that an international community of graphic artists will come together in our region again and that the authors will discuss the future of graphic design, its appearance and formation.

Poster production has a difficult task. It must respond to the present, be direct, comprehensible and yet its time is extinct at the end of the event that it answers to. It is like a blossoming flower – we can enjoy it for only a short time. With the poster, however, we can look forward to additional, authentic works of art in three years time. The new posters will disseminate information about the changing world both in the public and virtual space.