TPT 2012 Regulations


Trnava Poster Triennial 2012
is a public, non-anonymous international competitive exhibition of posters and complimentary copies issued (produced) between January 1, 2009 and July 1, 2012.

Date: from November 9, 2012 to February 3, 2013

TPT 2012 main organizer
The Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava and the Trnava Self-governing Region.

The Slovak Design Center in Bratislava, the City of Trnava, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, the West-Slovakian Museum in Trnava, the civic association POSTER.
The event is held under the auspices of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations Icograda and the Chairman of the Trnava Self-governing Region.

Competitive categories

  • A (professional) – professional authors – individuals and teams
  • B (student) – fine arts and design academies students from 18 years of age
  • C (junior) – art school students from 14 to 18 years of age represented by their teachers.

International jury
consists of five internationally renowned experts on graphic design and visual communication – François Caspar (France), Zdisław Schubert (Poland), Pekka Loiri (Finland), Jan Rajlich jr. (Czech republic), Stanislav Stankoci (Slovakia) and an ICOGRADA representative.

Category A (professionals):
Grand Prix TPT 2012 – a special prize of Jozef Dóka Jr., the founder of TPT.
Icograda prize
1st Prize
2nd  Prize
3rd  Prize

Category B (students) and Category C (juniors under 18):
1st Prize
2nd  Prize
3rd  Prize
Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Academy Chancellor.

The following prizes are awarded without distinguishing the categories:
Prize of the Slovak Design Center in Bratislava
Prize of the Chairman of the Trnava Self-governing Region
Prize of the Trnava City Mayor
Audience prize
Master´s Eye Awards – for internationally renowned graphic design personalities
Hand over of prizes and publication of results shall take place within 30 days from the jury´s work completion. Awarded authors shall be informed in writing.


Conditions of competition

1. Authors may send max. 5 posters in 2 copies, created between January 1, 2009 and July 1, 2012.

2. All posters must be provided also in digital form through registration form that can be obtained from :

    • Category A: B1 – B0 (min. 70×100 cm, max. 100×140 cm),
      digital data – as per instruction in the registration form
    • Category B: B2 – B1 (min. 50×70 cm, max. 70×100 cm),
      digital data – as per instruction in the registration form
    • Category C: only digital data B1 chosen by the teacher,
      digital data – as per instruction in the registration form.

3. Organizers reserve the right to promote and reproduce the work in print, free of charge.

4. After the exhibition all the exhibits will be retained in the Triennial archives in the Ján Koniarek Gallery in Trnava. The submitted works become property of the exhibition organizers and will not be returned to authors.

5. Finalists shall receive one catalog for free, they will only pay postal and handling expenses. Additional catalogs can be ordered with 1/3 discount.

6. Information and reproductions of posters will be taken from the online form. Authors are responsible for the data accuracy and color correctness of digital data.

7. Posters bearing the generated code in the lower right corner together with a duly completed application should be sent by July 15, 2012 to:

Galéria Jána Koniarka v Trnave
Zelený kríček 3
917 01
Slovakia, EU
Phone 00421 33 55 11 659

8. Mark the package “Dar—tlačovina” “Gift – Printed Matter”.