TPT 2015 The winner of new Identity.

On May 7, 2014 jury evaluated 30 proposals from 25 authors and teams from Slovakia and the Czech Republic . The jury praised the level of the vast majority of work . In making its decision, take into consideration the idea and visual design, readability, functionality and usability and its relationship to a series of existing solutions.

Members of the jury were graphic designers – Mgr . art . Dušan Junek , Mgr . art . Emil Drličiak , Mgr . art . Daniel Blonsky , Mgr . art . Ondrej Gavalda , Mgr . art . Robert Paršo / TPT curator , director of GJK gallery – acad . arch . Robert Nemecek and TPT Secretary – Mgr . Roman Popelár.

After a professional discussion on the design jury selected work of Mr.  Matúš Lelovský . The other works order was not intended .

The work of Matúš Lelovský meet the expectations of the jury with its elegance, simplicity, readability and flexibility. The author proposes a complex of visual communication solutions for the needs of TPT.

Proposal involves the use of strict black typography on a white surface coupled with the illusion of loose edge of the poster. This solution has the ambition to its simplicity and purity to succeed in the public space overwhelmed by visual smog .

Mgr . art . Matúš Lelovský graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, currently lives and works in Bratislava. Among his major projects include the Design on the wheels. Currently implemented magazine Designum layout designs. He has received several awards. In 2013 as one of three coauthors won the National Prize for design of exhibition “Signály z neznáma” for the gallery Dům umění města Brno.